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The walk goes through more than two thousand years of history. From the Roman Castellum , Emperor Trajanus, and ends in the Lange Hezelstraat, the oldest shoppig street of Nijmegen. We see remnants from various centuries such as the parts of the 15th century city wall, liberation monument, remainig 10e century Nicolas chapel. Than we follow the Burchtstraat with new and old buildings and the 16e century City Hall. Continue our way to the "grote Markt" where the beautiful 17the century Waagh building is located. We pass the entrance of the 13e century Stevenskerk and we go further to the oldest shopping street. The walk ends in front of the Kronenburgerpark. Here you will see the only remaining stone of the medieval gate "Hezelpoort" with the Latin text : Huc usque ius Stauriae". You will enjoy this beautiful East-West walk with lots of history in a nutshell. 

Practical information

Starting point

Mariënburg 26 in the City centre

End point



2 hours


EUR 5 p.p.
Available in English
Auf Deutsch zu sehen

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Booking of the Walk is possible the whole year for 4 persons. When less the payment is still EUR 20.

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