About us

The Gilde Nijmegen

Gilde Nijmegen Foundation is a 100% voluntary organization, and mainly consists of people from Nijmegen who want to transfer their knowledge and experience to interested parties of all ages. The office is located in the Titus Brandsma Neighborhood Center at Tweede Oude Heselaan 386. The volunteers are active in the areas of city and nature walks and bicycle tours, and language skills.

City and nature walks and bike rides

About 40 guides are available to guide groups in and around Nijmegen along historical sites, artwork and natural beauty. They enrich everyone's knowledge of the city of Nijmegen with expert commentary and anecdotes.

Language proficiency

For foreigners there are conversation groups or one-on-one counselors to learn to improve their Dutch language skills. For Dutch people there are conversation groups in French, English, German and Spanish.